Welcome to Ash Fasteners

Ash Fasteners provides some of the UK’s finest fastening solutions in co-operation with our sister company, Ash Induction Heating. Our access to the highest quality induction processes, expert staff and state-of-the-art machinery, means that we can provide fasteners which are strong, versatile and great value. Our aim is to give you absolute peace of mind.

Metal fasteners are only as good as the process which manufactures them. Our staff have long experience in the processes we use to produce our bolts, offering superb workmanship and the highest possible manufacturing standards. We do not outsource, contract out, or buy in our fasteners: they are made on-site, by us, and are subject to the same quality assurance processes we would use to check the most prestigious bespoke metalwork.

For devices so small, fasteners are disproportionately important: the quality of the bolts used in your apparatus will dictate its effectiveness, longevity, and value. That’s why Ash Fasteners are committed to producing bolts and fasteners to the highest possible criteria: only our care and craft can provide you the confidence you need.

We’re just as committed to getting the price right, too: orders of whatever size are welcome, and we are extremely competitive. Buying high quality, UK-manufactured fasteners – and, of course, getting total peace of mind into the bargain – has never been easier. Contact us today for a quote, and browse our website for more information.